Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Retro Night.

Tonight I felt like I had gone back in time 20 or so years. I attended an Oak Ridge Boys concert as part of a work conference that I am attending with my hubby. I am going to be honest, when he told me who the entertainment was, um, well, I wasn't really all that excited to go. SO glad I did!

The whole time I was having flashbacks of being a kid and riding around in one of these beauties:
Listening to music on one of these:
On family vacation listening to my parents singing along to them:
We were also privileged enough to get to listen to Willie Nelson, Eddie Rabbit, and Crystal Gayle while driving around in our uber cool VW bus. Those were the days!

The concert tonight brought back a lot of memories. It was fun, oh, and before I forget. . .the jacket that the bass singer (Richard Sterban) had on. . .FABULOUS! I took some pics with my phone. I will have to post them later. Seriously. Fab!

Dear Oak Ridge Boys,

Thanks for the enjoyable night and for the memories.

Love- Me

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  1. Now that looks like a fun night....those where the about 20 kids in the car and no seat belts....and the parents puffing cigs lol!!~ Thanks for following....nice to meet ya!