Sunday, June 27, 2010

Different Priorities.

Marriage.  It can be great.  It can be frustrating.  Sometimes you give more than you take.  Sometimes you take more than you give.  It is an interesting game.

I think for the most part, my husband and I have done pretty good in balancing out the give and take.  I know that there are times when he shakes his head and wonders why I've done something.  I have done the same to him.

Home decor is one of those places where we differ.  It is a high priority for me.  Making my house a home is a big deal to me.  It doesn't feel like home unless everything is just "so".  I don't buy or put things in my home unless it is something that has some kind of meaning.  My house has a lot of photos, quotes, old furniture, new furniture.  Things I have made.  Things my kids have made.  My home speaks of where we have been and where we are going.  A lot of thought goes into how I put things in my home and where I put them.  I pour over the colors I choose for each room.  Each thing I hang on the wall reminds me of someone or something.  I know.  I am strange.  It is just how I am.  I don't decorate my home for others.  I decorate my home for my family.

Where am I going with this post?  Well, I have felt the need to redo my daughter's room top to bottom.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem.  The problem is that we just moved into our brand new home in March.  My hubby sees no reason to redo her room.  He thinks it is fine, "just the way it is".  I feel SO different!  Logically if I sit and think about it I know that the financial things (job changes, moves, a home up north that we can't seem to unload, etc) we have faced over the past 15 months have taken a toll on us.  I know that timing may be bad to redo a room that doesn't really need it.  So, why do I feel the need???

My daughter is almost 17.  Realistically she won't be home much longer.  I feel like the time for me to go in and make her room "special" and one-of-a-kind is slipping away.  If I wait much longer it won't mean anything to her.  If I wait until she moves out and change her room, it will no longer be her room.  Does that make sense?  Honestly, I have visions of how I want her room to be.  Of the memories she will make in it while she is still living here, and then I have visions of sitting upstairs with my granddaughter in that SAME room and telling her, "This is your mom's old room.  She slept right here in this very bed that you are sleeping in tonight.  She used to laugh here.  She used to sit out on this same balcony and write her poems.  She made memories here.  How you see this room right now is how it was for your own mother."

Nostalgic?  Perhaps.  I can't help it.  That is just how I am. 


  1. I CAN.NOT. believe she's almost 17!!! I remember when she was a "youngn'" at 14 and in our SS class. Man, how time flies!! I say GO FOR IT, woman. I hear ya. I totally get the whole sentimental thing. I can't wait to see pics. :)

  2. I completely understand where you are coming from. What and elloquent(sp?) way to put it.
    Popping by from Friendly Friday to say hi and follow.
    Stop on by!

  3. i think i go about making my home much the same way. perhaps not ouring over the colors so much, but pieces of my heart are strewn about everywhere. your daughter's room? i hope you do get to decorate it. and your words make me want to press on and fix up my daughter's room for her. at 16, she's creeping right on up to where your daughter is... makes me think :)