Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I was walking across the campus today, I just had to smile at some of the things that I saw. The first week of school is always crazy busy! The campus is FILLED with tables and displays of vendors trying to get you to bank here or there, start cell phone service, join a club, etc.

The students all have a dazed kind of look. The newbies looked confused. They aren't sure which building is which. They are usually wandering around with a map in hand. Those who aren't newbies look overwhelmed by what their new classes have in store for them for the next 4 months of their life.

Me? Well, I just take it all in. The first time I set foot on that campus as a student was in 1986. I was still in high school at the time, but I took classes at the college in the mornings and headed back to the high school in the afternoon. I have spent a lot of time on that campus since then. I have had times where there have been YEARS in between my stop time and my restart time; however, one thing always holds true, the first week back is pretty much always the same.

As a returning student (that is the "Politically Correct" term they use for the OLD people like me who are now back in school) I have come to understand a few things over the past 23 years since first stepping on that campus as a newbie myself.

1. The students get YOUNGER.
2. My backpack gets heavier.
3. The chairs are much harder.
4. Walking across campus takes longer.
5. Homework takes more effort.

Now I am CERTAIN that none of these things has to do with the fact that I am the one changing and getting older, right? ;) I haven't changed much at ALL over the last 23 years. I am certain that I am just the same. HA!

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  1. Your right, you are the same! Everyone else changes not you!