Sunday, August 16, 2009

Make Snow Angels :)

Why would I be talking about snow angels in August??? Well, because of a true story that I heard today that made me SMILE :) It was such a great story that I thought I would share it for my post today.

There is an older lady who lives in Idaho. She suffers from osteoporosis and is in pain most of the time. She is frail and had to be put into a retirement home because she can no longer take care of herself. One day she had a visitor who asked her how she was doing. She told the visitor that she likes her new apartment and that she didn't know why, but people were always drawn to her place to come and visit. The lady visiting her told her that she knew why, it was because this little frail woman's apartment was the happiest place in town because of how happy and positive this lady was.

The little old lady was asked where she attended church now that she was in her new apartment. She told the visitor that she and a group of ladies from the apartments go to church across the street.

She said that a woman from their church had been assigned to go come across to the apartments and help several older ladies cross the street to church on Sunday mornings. One winter Sunday it was particularly slick and cold because of a snow storm that had hit the town the night before.

The lady from the church came over and was doing her best to help the older ladies get over to the church. At one point one of the little ladies slipped and fell into the snow. Her fall had a domino affect on all of the ladies and one by one they all lost their balance and fell.

The little old lady said that as she laid in the snow, after she assessed the situation and realized that nothing was broken, she began to make a snow angel. She wanted to make the best of the situation and making a snow angel seemed to be a great way to do it. After a few minutes, she realized that all of the old ladies who had fallen were joining in on the fun and ALL of them laid in the snow making snow angels.

What a happy thought! Imagine driving by and seeing several old ladies all dressed up for church laying in the snow, laughing and making snow angels.

The thought for the day? Make the best of what you are given. Even when things are not what you expect, take the time to make a snow angel.


  1. So cute! I hope when I'm an old gal that I will remember this story and just do it ;-) Wouldn't that be a hoot though to see some of the older ladies doing this is the snow!

  2. this is great! thanks for sharing this story :)