Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Little More CRaZiNeSS! :)

After having everything scheduled and ready to move out into the garage across the street (okay, so WE weren't moving into the garage, just our stuff was) things kind of fell apart. . .

We had told the owners of the home we are in (my good ol' college housing) that we would help get this home leased out since they were letting us out of the lease.

Last week I met a family from Idaho that wanted the house and they filled out an application and left me with a check for 1st/Last rent. All was going well EXCEPT for the fact that they needed us out by the 25th of THIS month. A little earlier than we wanted to be out. It put us into a bit of a bind, but we were willing to work with them so they could get moved in and get their daughter into school as soon as possible.

Well, we made all of the arrangements to move our stuff into the garage of the house we are moving to and to stay some place else for a week because we couldn't move into the new house until the 1st.

Everything was on track and set to go. . .UNTIL. . .the people from Idaho called and said they decided to move to a different house that they found Friday night! WHAT!!!???!!!

It really doesn't change much except for the fact that we had spent time getting ready to be moved out of here and made all of the arrangements and now we get to live in a little more of a mess for a week than we thought we would.

We did get our garage stuff and a bunch of misc. stuff moved over to the garage of the new house, so that just means less moving next weekend.

We needed a little more craziness anyway, right?? HA!

So, if you know anyone looking for a rental home, let me know. I know of one that is STILL available :)

I start school again tomorrow!!!! WOW! This summer went by FAST! I had a three week break between summer and fall semesters and it FLEW by!!! Guess I better go try to find where I left my thinking cap so I can figure out how to be a student again tomorrow :)

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