Monday, August 10, 2009

Time to Pack. . .AGAIN!

Well, I think that we are setting some kind of record for ourselves this time. After being in this house for 5 months, we are packing up and moving again. I haven't even finished unpacking the garage from moving here. . .probably a good thing because then I would just have to pack it all up again.

If things work out, we will be taking a lease-option on the home across the street from where we are living right now. The reason for the lease-option??? Well, my flippin' home up north still hasn't had any offers on it! UGH! So, we figured if we do a lease-option on this house down here, then at least we will know where we will end up long term after our home up there is sold (or at least where we HOPE we will end up!).

My poor hubby has resigned himself to the fact that he may be commuting for a long time to come. We don't like the idea at all, but we can't really do much to change it right now. Hopefully when I am done with school and actually bring in some $$$, he will have some more options. I still haven't given up on the idea of a miracle yet, that is always a possibility. If we could just get our home up north to get an offer on it then we would have so much stress taken off our shoulders.

It will all work out. It has to. We know that this is where we are supposed to be.

Life is crazy sometimes, isn't it? At least the craziness keeps us from getting bored :)


  1. I'm sorry! We are in a similar situation with yours and my husband working up north.. no fun at all.. I hope things go back to normal for you soon.. Thhat's real weird you'll be in the Clarks' home. Where are they going?

  2. You're moving into the Clark's home? Wow! I didn't realized they were even considering moving! So is it bigger than the house you're currently renting? You'll be lucky to have one of the greatest women in the world living next door to you! :) I love Susan! :) Good luck with your move. :)

  3. SOOOO happy you're staying with us crazies in the 'hood! ;-)